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Homework Evaluations and Services

How much will it cost to get my homework or assignment done?
For most projects, it is difficult to give an exact price without actually looking at the homework assignment. We have put some estimates but the exact price for your particular assignment may be lower or higher than the given estimates. The cost eventually depends on the difficulty of the assignment as well as the deadline. A hard assignment due in a week will typically cost as much as an easy assignment that is due in 24-48 hours. We also cannot give a price based on just the course name or the course number since there is a wide range courses offered by various universities and institutes. It may be possible to give you a guaranteed figure once two or three assignments have been completed out of a sequence of homework projects. Therefore, to get the exact price please upload your assignment and we'll take a look at it for free! In some situations, we can actually do a few questions for free to let you see that we can handle your project and you can order with us with confidence. Remember: You don’t ask for a single penny if you do not like our quoted price and neither do you have to give any private or personal information to us. 

How do you evaluate a homework project and when can you let me know the price?
When you ask for a free quote on a homework project, we can get our homework experts to look at your assignment and give us a quote in an average of 6 hours or less. We also match the assignment details with our database of experts to find who can do your assignment the best. This process can take anywhere from a few minutes of you placing the order to up to a maximum of 12 hours for assignments that are specialized to a topic.

My project is really tough and requires written analysis as well as numerical study. Can you handle that?
If you have projects which include the writing of analytical essays, creating financial reviews, working with balance sheets and or even statistical case studies, we have math geniuses team up with expert writers to give you the best of both worlds. You can also check out our sister website if you would like to get technical/analytical reports done by a professional writer.

How do I know you can do my questions? How can I trust you?
As of February 1 2015, we have been in operation for more than 7 years and have handled over 7000 different assignments, projects, presentations, reports for our customers at all levels. We always take great care in making sure that our customer’s projects are completed within the given deadline and completed with accuracy. If our experts are busy or if we are unable to find a homework guru to handle your assignment, we will simply tell you that your project can not be done in time by us. In fact, we do not ask for any money until we have taken a careful look at your homework assignment and are certain that we can handle it to the best of our abilities with accurate and detailed solutions which will satisfy you completely.

What is your money back guarantee?
If we do not finish your homework for you and get the grade we promise we will, we give you your money back. It is as simple as that. In fact, for many science fields, we can be absolutely sure of the solutions created for you and even guarantee the marks that you will get on the project.

I need my assignment/project/exam done in the next 12 hours. Can you help?

We would rather not take assignments than to do a slipshod job on them. If your deadline is too close for comfort we would highly recommend that you take an extension before submitting the document. Our homework experts like being pressure but they hate making mistakes especially when it comes to assignments that require careful thinking such as essays on philosophy and literature. We will not risk getting you a bad grade because of hastily done work. Of course, we have done assignments for students in as little as three hours but that is dependent on the level and the difficulty of the assignment itself. Although you can certainly ask for a free evaluation, if we can not be sure that we can handle the project within the given timeline it is not likely that we will ask a homework expert to start working on it.

Can I pick a particular homework expert to work with?
If you have previously worked with any of our homework experts before, please mention his/her name while placing your order and we will ensure that you project is delivered directly to him/her. Customers may develop a strong relationship by working with their homework guru and we encourage positive communications that can let our customers get better results on their homework and school assignments.

How qualified is the person who will work on my homework?
All of our homework experts have at the very minimum a college degree in the field they are working in while many of our experts have advanced degrees in their fields. Further, all of our in-house experts have worked on a minimum of 500-1000 assignments and we also have consultants who specialize in technical disciplines such as engineering or computer science. Therefore, more or less any homework or assignment can be handled by us at very reasonable rates.

Payment and Refunds

Can I pay after my homework is delivered to me?
Your homework expert will not start working on your assignment until the payment has been received. If you are concerned about our ability to handle your project once you have made the payment, rest assured that you are protected with a 100% money back guarantee if you do not get the promised grade.

Do you accept alternate methods of payment?
Yes we do accept alternate means of payment but only in extreme circumstances. If you want to pay through other methods such as bank transfer or email money payment please contact customer support at

Do you offer refunds if a homework expert fails to deliver correct answers?
Certainly! If our experts fail to deliver solutions altogether we will refund your entire payment. If there are minor errors in your assignment solutions you can be given a partial refund or a discount on your future projects. Click here to read a detailed description of our Refund Policy.

Website, Privacy and Security

How safe is your website?
We use 4096-bit SSL encryption to protect your personal information, which is the same level of security/encryption that is used by major online banks. We also assign strong passwords, which are next to impossible to break by simple guessing. The only information we ever store is your email address and your name to contact you regarding your request. Even this information is encrypted and safely transmitted between our servers and your browser to ensure maximum security. Your name and your email address are never given out to the person working on your assignment and this creates an additional level of security for you.

What about privacy?
The only information we store about you is your email address and your name which is used to contact you. Your credit card information is directly processed by our credit card processor (PayPal) and we never have any access to that information. We also have a policy of deleting all communications with our customers after four months of their assignments being completed and delivered. We never disclose any information about you to any third party which means that your information is perfectly secure.

Other Questions

I am a homework expert. Can I work for you?
Perhaps. We are very selective about our homework gurus and our team is composed of elite experts who always have strong opinions about adding more members. We would have to see your resume so we know your specialties and your transcripts so that we know which fields you are good at. We will consider all requests on a case by case basis if you go through the initial selection process.

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Privacy Policy Terms of Service is PayPal Verified is Norton Secured | Hire/Pay an expert to complete your homework assignment papers or online class
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