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Hire/Pay an expert to do your class assignments, homework or online exam

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It is very difficult to give a standard price for all assignments done in all courses across various universities and colleges. Some high quality institutes may have very challenging courses requiring hours of study for each assignment, essay or class project. Therefore, the prices shown below for homework projects and assignments are estimates but you can simply upload your assignment and we can give you a FREE no-obligations price for your homework within hours. In fact, we may actually do a few parts of your project for free to help build your confidence in our services.

We pride ourselves in doing high quality work and can only confidently quote you an accurate price for your custom written homework or assignment, after we have looked at the exact questions or the details of the project. Usually, the price for a complete assignment solution depends on the number of questions, the length of the paper, the difficulty level and the deadline. An assignment of medium difficulty can possibly cost more than a difficult homework assignment if there is a strict time limit.

One Flat Price. Get the results you want at the best possible prices! is a special tutoring service since we can gladly explain how a project was completed for you. We take pride in providing a simple option of purchasing (at the lowest possible price), custom created solutions to all your homework assignments and exams. The answers we provide for pure science courses are also guaranteed to be correct. Since each assignment is different and each homework expert has his/her area of expertise, we can easily offer you the lowest flat price for your project by ensuring you are assigned a homework guru who is an expert in handling assignments such as yours. Remember, at, your homework expert will do ALL your homework and make sure that you can download a printable and ready-to-submit (Word, PDF etc) essay or assignment/exam. So let us worry about your homework obligations and request a free no obligation quote/price for your assignment.

*The prices given above are simple estimates and the final price always depends on the difficulty of the project and the delivery date. Please note that the final price we offer may be more or less than price quoted above and we can not provide an accurate price or grade guarantee for your homework, essay or assignment until you send us your specifications.
Project Description Type of Work Delivery Price (USD) File
1st Year College (Freshman) English or A-level Essay on Citizen Kane Short Essay 7 days $39.95 View
Freshman University or College 4 Page History Paper History Research Paper 24 hours $79.95 View
2nd Year University or College (Sophomore) 8 Page English Literature Essay Literature Essay 3 days $129.95 View
2nd Year University or College (Sophomore) Philosophy Homework Response Paper 7 days $64.95 View
1st/2nd Year Business Management Situational Analysis Paper Full Solutions 7 days $49.95 View
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Our guarantee is simple: If we do not correctly answer your homework questions or do not complete your homework to your satisfaction, we will give you a refund.

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Getting expert created solutions to all your homework questions and assignments is as easy as 1-2-3. You send us your requirements and we will find a homework guru to give you a no-obligation FREE quote. You can then make a secure payment over the internet and once the payment is received, your homework expert will start working on your project. As soon as the project is complete, the solutions will be delivered to you over the internet. That’s it. - Hire/Pay someone to do your assignments, homework or online class - Hire/Pay someone to do your assignments, homework or online class

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